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This is a icon and graphics community run by secksual and br0wneyes__. We make icons, wallpapers, banners and color bars featuring a variety of different things, as we both have different tastes. We do not take requests, but we do take suggestions.
o1) Comment when taking. It's nice to know where they are going.
o2) Credit when using. Credit whoever made them, not just the community. Both would be good though.
o3) Do not hotlink! Please upload to your own server like photobucket or imageshack, it makes things much easier for us makers! It annoys the heck out of us, and I will hunt you down and torture you in a way I deem fit.
o4) Do not edit anything. If you ask, then maybe I will let you. But it would be nice just to leave them as they are thankyou.
o5) Never claim our icons as yours. Cause they aren't. Oh and see second part of rule 3.